The very model of a nudist club

If you’re looking for wellness and erotic, the Sauna Club in Frankfurt am Main is a must. That’s where it’s located, the nudist club of relaxation, the emperor, embedded in a flowering landscape between Aschaffenburg and Darmstadt, the sauna club for men and women, FKK Rom, the very model of a nudist club! The Sauna Club is a place to relax in Hessen. A visit is refreshing, and imbued from the beginning to the end with beautiful experiences and events. The lounge and bar, also serving alcohol, exquisite dishes and drinks invite you to feast; the excellently equipped spa with sauna and whirlpool, plus a large central swimming pool outside for cooling off in the summer, sun loungers, log cabins, outdoor bar plus barbecue area, a sex cinema… everything is taken care of. Absolutely nothing stands in the way of your perfect sauna club experience, whether in summer or winter, Monday or Sunday; now it can come, the immortal moment! In the FKK Club Rom, it is relentlessly celebrated, because we celebrate life here. Every day and as if there were no tomorrow! All in an environment spanning more than 3,000 m², which is dedicated to just one thing: the ultimate fulfilment in life, the all-devouring moment that we all crave!

Forget bad things, enjoy good things every second; endorphins will overflow, impressions will be hungrily soaked in, feelings are intensified: breathe in the Sauna Club Rom, experience Rome, be Rome. That means be glorious – in all respects. Then you’ve done it: the dream is now no longer a fantasy. Whatever you have ever wanted is fulfilled here. The man has won the battle and the women are in his arms: that’s what its like at the Sauna Club Rom in Frankfurt. That’s why we would like to invite you to visit us at the Sauna Club. It’s ambrosia for the senses; it’s relaxing on an imperial level. We also lay out the ‘red carpet’ for wheelchair users; accessibility is no problem for us.

Discretion is very important to us; we also pay attention to the little things.

That’s the reason why all roads lead to the FKK Sauna Club Rom. Yours too? Plan a visit to us today. We’re looking forward to seeing you.

Your Sauna Club, FKK Rom